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Ecoservices is very experienced in treating oil contaminated water. Treated water compiles with governmental cleanliness standards after a multistage cleaning process including the use of a special purification column. Ecoservices has treated thousands of cubic meters of oil contaminated water for companies such as BP / AIOC, Saipem, ExxonMobil, BosShelf, Azeri MI Drilling, etc. since 2001.

Ecoservices operates the only specially designed hazardous waste incinerator in Azerbaijan. The Azer Chemie Project Institute was responsible for the design of this incinerator, which cleans emission gases with a specially designed wet scrubbing system. The actual burning chamber is completely constructed out of stainless steel, with special steam production coils installed inside the chamber to produce steam while incineration operations are ongoing – energy recovery.

Ecoservices regularly checks emissions with a special Testo 350 XL gas emissions testing device. A special testing port was built into the incinerator.

Ecoservices developed a special program to completely recycle drilling cuttings and waste muds, turning them into rough construction blocks.

For several years Ecoservices transported and utilized large quantities of pigging wax from the Baku-Supsa and BTC pipelines under contract with AIOC and BTC Company.

Ecoservices employee outfitted to collect dead birds infected with bird flu. All infected animals are incinerated.

Ecoservices recycles waste plastics into useable construction tubing for electric cables.

Ecoservices managers have participated in International Environmental Technology Exhibitions, such as the EXPO2010, IFAT 2010 Exhibition in Shanghai, China and Munich. At these exhibitions Ecoservices has developed a large contact database of worldwide ecological technology manufacturers.

Ecoservices owns a large number of certified Drilling Cutting Boxes and color coded waste skips which are available for customer use. Special metal lids are also on offer for food skips, or for skips placed in windy areas.

Ecoservices operates its own garage facility and a fleet of company owned trucks, forklifts and excavators of several different types. Trucks that haul hazardous wastes are properly certified with the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

Ecoservices operates computerized waste receiving registers and carefully tracks all wastes from the moment of first receival to final disposal. These computerized records form the basis for all statistical reporting to the Azeri government and subsequent environmental tax payments.

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